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Arnold Nobis Contemporary Art Vienna
Arnold August Nobis is an Austrian contemporary artist, sculptor and painter, born in Vienna in 1977.

The superimposition of image surfaces, reticulated structures and spill marks form the frame of his artwork. Through silhouettes, reduced details or references, the viewer is given indications of the content. The further exploration of his painting techniques come to the fore in his current work,
as he formulates the stylistic elements of his visual language in constant advancement of possibilities. His artwork is predominantly abstract.
The motifs for expression range from bodies and objects to architectural landscapes and open spaces.

After graduating from Pamplona Art School as an applied sculptor he set up
a spacious studio in an old factory hall in Bilbao. There he developed his own techniques from scratch, preparing his first solo exhibition in Guernica. The use of sand, dust, coffee powder and bitumen was one of the first characteristics of his work. His work can be seen on international exhibitions.

He is currently working on mostly abstract paintings in his studio in the south of Vienna.

Arnold August Nobis lives and works in Austria.

„I see the painting as a being that wants to be born on the canvas. I see the process of painting as a dialogue that I lead with the picture being created, specifically with the color and the shapes on the white canvas or later in consultation with the existing colors and shapes.“  „First I need an initiative idea that forms the basis of the dialogue with the work. This basic act gives the process a direction, a theme. I then take up this topic and work with it. The fine coordination and harmonization of colors and shapes and precisely set stylistic elements give the work its expressiveness and its justification.“

"The transformation of material exerts a particular attraction on me - the oxidation, rusting of steel or the weathering of rock.

When I lived on the Atlantic coast in northern Spain, I regularly went to the old shipyards to look for inspiration among the rusting shipwrecks. The effect of the incessant surf of the sea and the power of the wind gave me a taste of infinity and timelessness.  

I am fascinated by works of art that never lose their relevance over time - I try to archive this timelessness in the presentation of my artwork." 

solo exhibitions

2023 "Erstmals präsentierte Werke", Kulturzentrum F23 // Vienna, Austria.

2020 "Aufbruch zum Ausgangspunkt", Galerie Atelier Bajadere // Neuhaus, Austria.

2007 "Selected Works", Kavárna U Hradeb // Policka, Czech Republik.

2005 "Selected Works", AromAt // Vienna, Austria.

2005 "Selected Works", Comedor Olárizu // Vitoria- Gasteiz, Basque Country.

2005 "Punto de Inflexión", etArte Interiorismo // Guernika, Basque Country.

group exhibitions

2022 Exhibition Prolongation / "BODY OF THE OBJECT AS/IN ART: EUROPEAN ART IN CHINESE ART                             SPACE" / Hong Art Museum, Chongqing / Cooperation with the Pashmin Art Gallery // Chongqing, China.

2021 "BODY OF THE OBJECT AS/IN ART: EUROPEAN ART IN CHINESE ART SPACE" / Hong Art Museum                         Chongqing / Cooperation with the Pashmin Art Gallery // Chongqing, China. 

2021 "International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxelles 2021", Cooperation with the

          Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid // Bruxelles, Belgium.

2021 "Art for Children / Charity Art Auction", Albertina // Vienna, Austria.

2021 "Art for Children (Preview)" - Atelier Paul Landerl // Vienna, Austria.

2021 "Groß ART-InG @ Spittelberg - 15 Jahre Burggasse 21", Galerie/Studio Elena Mildner // Vienna, Austria.

2021 Collective Art Show, Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid // Madrid, Spain.  

2018 "Graphics and sculptures" // Dorfgemeinschaft Breitenfurt, Austria.

2011 "Bunt" at Clubcruise // Vienna, Austria.

2010 "Collective Art Show", Anthroposophical society // Vienna, Austria.

2008 "Collective Art Show, Agenda21", Rathaus Liesing // Vienna, Austria.

2007 "Selected Works", Agenda Bureau // Vienna, Austria.

2006 "Collective Art Show, Agenda21", Bank Austria Alterlaa // Vienna, Austria.

2006 "BaumArt, Collective Art Show, Agenda21" // Vienna, Austria.

2005 "Digital Art Show", Sala ArtArte // Bilbao, Basque Country.

2003 "Selected Works - Volume and Projects", Escuela de Arte de Pamplona // Pamplona, Basque Country.

permanent installations
2006 "Labyrinth" (Sessile oak) // Baum Art, Osrambrücke. Vienna, Austria.

2007 "Wind & Water" (Untersberg marble and steel) // Libellenweg. Graz, Austria.


Date of birth: 17.05.1977

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

2001-2003 Escuela de Arte Pamplona

2004-2005 Facultad de Bellas Artes Bilbao

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